The 5 Types Of Toys That Hit The Hottest Selling Toys List Every Year

Every year throughout the year, there are toys in every category that hit the hottest selling toys list. These toys are always in high demand. They’re also the ones that you’ll find can sometimes be harder to get.

Remember last year when it was Hatchimals, you couldn’t find one of these toys in any store, anywhere. People were buying these creatures and putting them up for sale on Craigslist for over $200. It was nuts. They are sure to be on every kids toy list this year.

Many times, the toys on these lists have gained popularity because either the brand has a long standing history of producing excellent toys – or the toy came from a movie franchise. Either way, you don’t want to miss out if your child wants one of the toys from the bestseller list.

Action Figures

justice league action figures are great gifts for boys on any occasion

Action figures are a great toy for both young and older children. Toys that can transform into things like cars, trucks or airplanes can provide entertainment for hours. Plus, you can get so many accessories with these that you can add on to the figures by buying their vehicles, weapons, homes and pals. Comic Book characters, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are also very popular.

Dolls And Accessories

Disney Frozen Sparkle Characters Are Cool Gifts For Children

The princess fashion dolls that are patterned after blockbuster movies are also a hot item. These would be the dolls from the Disney movie Frozen and Beauty and the Beast, just to name a couple. These kinds of dolls are always in high demand every year. There’s also Barbie and the seemingly endless amount of accessories the dolls have.

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Games And Puzzles

Puzzles And Games Keep Children Occupied For Hours

Games are another category where you can find plenty of bestselling toys. You can get strategy games that require patience and skill, games that require logic and solving puzzles or games that simply require you to be faster than your opponent. In this category, you’ll find board games, card games, online games and handheld electronic games.

Electronics And Gaming Consoles

Electronics And Gaming Consoles Are The Biggest Sellers

Electronic devices like gaming consoles can also give your child access to many choices of games that can help with thinking skills as well as help your child be more active. The Nintendo Wii has great games for children like bowling and dancing, these games actually require you to move around and are fun for the whole family.

Sports And Outdoor Toys

Be The Coolest Kid On The Block With Ride On Cars

Sports and outdoor toys are also categories where you can find bestselling toys. You can find items like scooters, skates and skateboards. You’ll also find wagons, tractors, tricycles, bicycles, motocross bikes and electronic cars that are perfect for a toddler’s first set of wheels.

Most of the toys I have mentioned have been around for many decades, I remember my brother having Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and our neighbor’s son having every Transformer made under the sun. This was some 30 years ago.

These toys are still going strong because kids love them.

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