12 Super Fun Summer Backyard Games And Toys For 2018

Are you wondering how you’ll keep your kids entertained this summer? Kids have endless hours at home during the summer months and many will spend way too much time on screens.

Leave The Video Games And Phones Inside. Enjoy Hours Of Outdoor Fun With These Summer Backyard Games And Toys. Endless Entertainment For Your Family And Friends! #toys #kidstoys #summer #hunterstoyclub

How can you limit screen time in the summer? Check out these 12 hot summer backyard games and toys that will get your kids outside.

Rollors Backyard Game for Kids And Families

Wooden Backyard Game With Discs And Cones Called Rollors

Rollors is a cool new addition to any summer backyard games. What’s great about this wooden game is it combines horseshoes, bocce ball and outdoor bowling. Rollors can be played on any flat surface — from the backyard to the beach. Family members of all ages can get in on the fun.

Players take turns rolling wooden disks toward goal posts and score points based on where the disks land. The convenient carry bag allows you to bring Rollors with you wherever you go. It sets up in seconds on grass or in the sand.

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Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park

Cure the summer boredom! Your kids will play for hours while beating the heat and burning off that extra energy while getting exercise in a safe and fun environment. Includes splash area, slide, water cannon, and climbing wall.

Set-up is a snap. Unroll the water park, stake it down, and attach the UL listed blower (included) that literally inflates the water park in less than two minutes. Fasten on the sprayer system, hook up to a garden hose and you are all set for fun.

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Star Wars Bocce Ball Set

Star Wars Bocce Ball Set For The Ultimate Fan

Not only does this bocce ball set come with beautiful, laser-etched balls featuring “Star Wars” characters, but the game also comes in a carrying case that makes it easy to transport to the beach, barbecues or picnics in the park.

This high-quality bocce ball set makes a great gift for Star Wars fans who love the outdoors and is fun for the whole family!

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Elite Ring Toss Game

Elite Ring Toss Game

This ring toss game can be played indoors or outdoors. Loads of fun for adults and helps kids from toddler to school age develop their skills to assist them with writing, sports, fine motor control.

This set includes five durable rope rings, 10 bonus plastic rings, sturdy wood ring board with point markings on the pegs and convenient carry bag. Great to take to the beach, camping, or just a great addition to your kids backyard games.

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Ginormous Inflatable Green Dinosaur Sprinkler

Ginormous Inflatable Green Dinosaur Sprinkler

Over 6 feet tall, it’s a perfect outdoor water toy for kids who love dinosaurs. Super simple to use, just inflate it, connect a standard garden hose, turn on the water and voila! …water sprays out of this T-Rex’s snout.

The inflatable design also means that it’s lightweight, easy to move, and deflates for compact storage in the off-season. Great for birthday parties and heat waves. These kids outdoor water toys come in 3 different styles: dino, elephant, and unicorn.

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Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers

Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers The Ultimate Jenga

Kids above the age of seven or eight will love playing with this larger than life Jenga set as will many adults. This game is great to take outdoors and is perfect for group events, parties and it doesn’t require intense physical activity like some outdoor backyard games.

This timber game stands 2.5 feet tall to start and depending on your level of experience can reach a height of 5 feet! The object is to be the last player to successfully stack a wooden block without knocking down the tower.

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Dunk Hat Game

Dunk Hat Game Kids Outdoor Water Toys

It’s a portable dunk tank! Players throw a foam ball at one of the targets. If they hit it, the water releases and soaks the person wearing the hat. Watch the suspense grow as all it takes is 1 shot to tip the tank and win. A great addition to your kids outdoor water toys.

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COOP Sport Scatter Dodgeball

COOP Sport Scatter Dodgeball

A new twist on the classic game of dodgeball, this game set by Coop accommodates up to six players and involves collecting hit players’ colored wristbands in order to win. Two to six players can play the game. Each player gets two wristbands of the same color.

As the other players scatter, the thrower attempts to hit them with the dodgeball. Players that get hit must surrender a wristband to the thrower. If the targeted player catches the ball, the thrower must surrender a wristband.

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Playz 3pc Rocket Ship Astronaut Kids Play Tent, Tunnel, & Ball Pit

Playz 3pc Rocket Ship Astronaut Kids Play Tent, Tunnel, & Ball Pit

Let your child’s inner astronaut come alive with this perfect 3pc galactic adventure play set. These extremely fun backyard toys will keep them occupied for hours at a time jumping, crawling, & playing hide-and-seek while learning all of the planets with the educational ball pit design.

Portable, durable, easy to setup & foldable into a lightweight zipper carrying bag for convenient storage! The play set can be used all together or as separate pieces. The play pit balls are not included.

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The Go! Gater Folding Disc Slam Set

The Go! Gater Folding Disc Slam Set For Summer Backyard Games

The Go! Gater Folding Disc Slam Set is a great addition to your kids backyard games! It’s a disc throwing sport that is fast-paced, interactive and easy to learn. It’s the perfect game for backyard parties to beach blowouts and great for people of all ages. 

Each team of two players takes turns throwing the included flying disc at the target. Striking the target with an assist from your teammate gives you one point. A solo strike to the target’s outside wall awards you two points. And gliding the disc directly into the slot on the front results in an instant win!

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BULZiBUCKET  – The Next Generation Cornhole Game

BULZiBUCKET Outdoor Backyard Games

Toss, kick, or assist! There are three different ways to play BulziBucket, a backyard game that combines bean bag tossing and hacky sack. Each of the bucket’s three tiers if worth different points; team up with a friend and go for the high score!

This game is perfect for the beach or the backyard and will keep the kids entertained for hours. Includes: 2 heavy duty collapsible black and blue bucket targets for easy travel, 6 hacky sacks (3 each team), backpack carrying case and instructions.

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Zupapa Trampoline

Zupapa Trampoline Fun Backyard Toys

Bring bouncing fun to your own backyard with this new Zupapa Trampoline. Trampolines are engaging and fun backyard toys for all ages. Thanks to the safety features, high quality galvanized steel frame and long-lasting jumping mat, your kids are going to have a blast playing outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine.

Zupapa trampolines are very easy to assemble. With the simple and easy-to-follow instructions, you don’t need to worry about problems with the set up or moving it around. You also get everything you need for jumping. Heavy-duty galvanized steel ladder, safety enclosure, rain cover, wind stakes, and spring pull tool (T-Hook). Reach for the sky today!

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