The Toy Brands You Can Count On For Top Notch Quality

When it comes to our children, every parent wants to give their child the very best that there is. Many parents choose toys for their children by the specific brand of the toy. We want toys that are well made and that will last for years to come.

Often the difference between the no-name toys and the branded ones is the difference between a toy they can play with for a long time and a toy that is lucky if it makes it out of the wrapping before it breaks.

Mattel toys are very popular. You can find their fashion dolls in either gender. Plus, you can find them patterned after Disney princesses, which are a huge hit. Every time there’s an animated Disney movie, a doll featuring the heroine or hero will always follow suit.

You’ll find Barbie in present day dolls, classic dolls and featured by occupation – such as vet, entrepreneur, doctor, singer or queen. This company also makes the dolls featured on Goth kids’ shows.

Mattel is a brand that’s known for some pretty top quality toys. You can get cars and houses, campers, pools, airplanes and more. You can also get die cast cars, games, journals and sing along pets. You’ll also find Fisher-Price toys under the Mattel heading, since it’s a subsidiary.

Another brand that’s extremely popular as a toy maker is LEGO. This company offers a lot of different choices with building sets. They have some for small kids as young as a year old and up.

These are popular because they’re great imagination toys. You can get sets featuring superheroes, vehicles – including ones from movies, ships, military and rescue sets, popular places around the world, buildings, princess sets, houses and even shopping malls. These are toys that are loved by both girls and boys.

Melissa & Doug toys are popular because they’re great educational as well as fun toys for kids of all ages. You can find things that help a child with spelling, numbers, sorting and stacking. You can find activity sets, puzzles and games.

Leapfrog is known for their educational toys that are also fun. This company gives kids a way to learn phonics, spelling, writing and numbers. You’ll find tablets, laptops, readers, letter sets, video games, toy phones and shapes and sorting toys.

A lot of parents like Vtech toys. There’s a wide range of items offered by this company – including walkers, train sets, play sets, musical instruments for kids and activity desks.

Baby Einstein is popular for its colorful, creative learning toys geared toward babies and toddlers. You can get balls, push toys, sorters, musical toys and more.

Once you find a brand or character line that your child loves, you’ll want to look into more items from that very same company. That’s because all kids are unique in their preferences, and brands develop loyal followings for a reason – consistent, good quality!

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