There Are No Rules When Buying Toys By Gender

When you’re shopping for toys by gender, you’ll find the toys divided into three categories – those for girls, those for boys – and those that can be enjoyed by all genders. And there are no hard and fast rules, either – because some boys love playing with dolls as much as girls love playing with boy-themed builder sets.

Still, there are some toys traditionally marketed to one gender over another. If you happen to have a girl who likes tea parties, then she would enjoy playing with tea sets, using little ovens and kitchen utensils.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Cupcake and Tea Set

You can find many toys like this that come as sets, so you can get a lot of goodies with them such as pretend cupcakes, rolls, and muffins. Some of them also come with the silverware and trays, too.

Playing house has always been a favorite playtime for little girls. You can get simple or elaborate play kitchens. Not only do these have stoves, sinks and refrigerators, but some now have dishwashers, too.

Pretend Play Kitchen Set For Kids

These are great toys for play – but can also be used to teach your child about putting away dishes, straightening up and more. Little boys also love play kitchens, too. As you can see you can get some pretty elaborate ones.

A lot of younger girls enjoy dressing up in clothes and shoes. That’s why mom’s high heels are always a favorite thing for them to walk around in. You can find a lot of dress up clothes – including ones for a princess that include wands, tiaras and more.

Role Playing Princess Dress Up Clothes For Pretend Play

Dolls are also a favorite toy for little girls. They love creating their own pretend family. You can find so many dolls of various sizes and shapes. These can come with different accessories like bikes, or cars, their own pets and accessories for their own houses.

These dolls can be the average 18″ size or smaller. You can get little strollers for these dolls, playpens and baby bags with bottles and diapers. All of the accessories that little Mommies need for pretend play can be purchased with the dolls!

Baby Doll With Playpen, Stroller, Diaper Bag And Chair

Though girls like dolls, boys also enjoy them. A lot of young boys will play with baby dolls and this is a good thing. It teaches children of both genders about nurturing and taking care of their pretend family.

Dolls make great gift toys for children who will become big brothers or sisters to a new baby in the family. You might get it with a t-shirt that states the coming news to everyone, too.

Big Brother And Big Sister Plush Dolls

Boys love action figures and you can find an almost limitless supply of these. There are action figures that take after heroes from shows or movies. Some of these are made of soft, bendable plastic, which makes them safe for younger children. For older ones, you can find figures with small accessories like little weapons, helmets and more.

Tools are toys that are popular with little boys – but also with girls. You can get toy toolboxes that include plastic hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers and levels. Some come with plastic screws and nails.

Pretend Play Tools And Lawn Mower For Kids

If you’re looking for yard toys, you can get the little toy lawn mowers. Some of these make realistic sounds. If you’re looking for one for a toddler, you can get some that produce bubbles.

Yard toys like rakes and shovels are also a good idea. A lot of kids, regardless of gender, love spy toys. You can find items like toy binoculars, walkie-talkies, spy watches, badges, night goggles and more.

Today’s society is changing in regards to gender but as I said earlier there are no rules. I have a son and a daughter both under five and my boy absolutely loves dinosaurs. My girl loves her dresses, shoes, and costume jewelry.

When they play together my son is dancing around in tiaras and bracelets and my daughter is roaring like a T-Rex. It’s all good but when buying toys for their friends I stick to gender specific gifts to be safe.

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